pristine landscape

Pristine landscape

Situated 150km north east of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, lies the Kenya’s central highlands. Despite the few stresses and strain of modernity, the highlands remain endlessly pristine. Away from the city life, you can experience pure aromatherapy atmosphere which relaxes, rejuvenates and revive one’s mind and body, a tonic for the soul.

The highlands are more than just an economic hub. Take its pulse by visiting the unadulterated environments where its charm and grandeur defines how nature rules supreme.

Where reality meets fantasy

In the central highlands lies the majestic Mount Kenya a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO for one of the most impressive landscapes in eastern Africa with its rugged glacier-clad summits, afro-alpine moorlands and diverse forests that illustrate outstanding ecological processes.

Water flows down through the spine of hills lying within view of Mount Kenya. The hills are centered upon forested slopes. Ideal for unwinding, de-stressing and awakening your senses, this is a place where you can embrace a walk through this stunning landscape of rivers, hills, waterfalls and breathe fresh air.

Well manicured tea plantations sit atop the hills, creating a picturesque landscape. Picture post card villages surrounded by forested slopes dot the hills and steep slopes.Along these scenic vistas, the blue skyline is intercepted by lush green hills and steep slopes, a sure way of experiencing a marriage of reality and fantasy.

A haven of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the highlands has been conceived to engender a beautiful blend of robust adventure with that of pure relaxation.

A bud and two leaves

The rich volcanic soils and sunny but cool uplands make it a perfect environment for the cultivation of high quality tea.

Tea is a major cash crop in Kenya and one of the top foreign exchange earners in Kenya alongside tourism and horticulture.

So impressive is the Kenyan tea that it is ranked third behind china and India in tea production. Kenyan tea is famous for its brightness, attractive color, brisk flowers and textures of fragrant leaves.

Tourist hub

Since touring the central highlands involves visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, an array of activities that have little or no impact to the environment are available to travelers such as, guided nature walks by locals, hiking, horse riding and even mountain biking.

Its purpose may be to educate travelers, to provide funds for ecological conservation, to directly benefit the economic development not forgetting the political empowerment of local communities.

The climate is often cool and outside the rainy seasons, the sun shines mostly in the afternoons, giving the traveler a chance to enjoy spectacular views of the mountain.






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